Your Beverage Partner

We are Zanzibar’s #1 Beverage Partner, supplying wines and spirits to hotels and restaurants, as well as having an exclusive liquor shop with the widest range of wines, spirits and imported beers in Zanzibar. We pride ourselves in exceptional experiences, continuous growth and professional service. We partner with MMI Dubai, the number one alcohol supplier in the UAE, bringing you world-class alcohol brands at great value. ZMMI has the most comprehensive selection of premium wines and spirits on the island. The strength of our portfolio, along with our innovative approach to on-trade support and retail, insures we continue to reflect and help guide consumer tastes.


Bar Academy

Our resident cocktail specialist and mixologist, Brendon Bisset offers staff cocktail trainings! These trainings, while fun are designed to teach your bartenders some important skills, including: Bar Preparation, The Basics of Cocktails, Local Ingredients and Presentation.

The idea behind these trainings is to motivate your staff to create exceptional cocktails, using the foundational knowledge that they are taught during this class. Brendon will also make a few cocktails in front of them, to demonstrate just how incredible Zanzibari Cocktails can be.


Wine Academy

Having an incredible winelist is the first step to creating a great wine experience for your guests, but sometimes the winelist is just not enough. We offer wine trainings that focus on the basics of wine, including: how wine is made and where, wine service and how to upsell premium wines.

This knowledge not only helps them answer any questions that your guests may have, but also teaches them about the importance of food and wine pairing, and why certain wines work well in certain situations.

Developing Wine Culture

Zanzibar has long been seen as lagging in the wine department. Majority of the local community does not drink alcohol and those that do, often prefer sweet wines. The same can be said for many of the tourists, who come to Zanzibar with a tight budget, preferring to opt for cheaper box wines, with the aim of getting drunk, not enjoying.

We are on a mission to change this culture! With the general trend around the world changing from Quantity to Quality, we are looking at how we can stay ahead of the curb.

With that in mind ZMMI has started a Wine Tasting Club. This club aims to increase wine knowledge and appreciation and change the way we look at wine.

Creating Exceptional Experiences

Life is not about one final moment that we eventually reach, but rather it is made up out of all of the little moments along the way. We strive to ensure that every one of those moments that you spend with ZMMI is exceptional, whether it be stepping into our retail shop, meeting with your Key Account Manager or coming to one of our events!

That is why we are in the process of updating our retail space, and always strive to be friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Our Key Account Managers are always on-call and happy to assist you in any way. And we try to host some incredible events.

We have our Annual Sip&Swirl event: a wine tasting designed to showcase some of our new products as well as our firm favorites. We have visits from winemakers such as Ken Forrester, of Ken Forrester Wines, and Nadia Barnard of Waterkloof Wines. These visits often include wine tastings, wine trainings or paired gourmet dinners.

We have also collaborated with certain clients to sponsor events where possible.

We Help You Sell

One of the benefits of working with ZMMI is that we offer to assist you with your beverage lists. We firmly believe that exceptional beverage lists ensure increased sales and a better customer experience. With that in mind we look at Menu Psychology, as well as using our knowledge of what works well on the island to ensure that you end up with the perfect Beverage List for your property, and then we will help you design and print it as well!

We’re also happy to assist you in creating Seasonal Specials and Fantastic Experiences for your guests.