About Us

We are Zanzibar’s #1 Beverage Partner, supplying both the retail and on-trade market. We pride ourselves in exceptional experiences, continuous growth and professional service. We partner with MMI Dubai, the number one beverage supplier in the UAE, bringing you world-class brands at great value. ZMMI has the most comprehensive selection of premium wines and spirits. The strength of our portfolio, along with our innovative approach to on-trade support and retail, ensures we continue to reflect and help guide consumer tastes.

Our Partners

“We have the widest selection of wines and spirits on the island, with over 700 different products. However, we work closely with these partners to bring you the best products, at the best prices. See *Our Brands* for a full list of our products”


Find Us

Karibu to Our Retail Shop: the largest wine and spirits selection in Zanzibar! We are located on the Airport Road in Migombani and are open seven days a week. Otherwise, just ask for Migoz!

Give Us A Call: +255 776 999 664

Email Us: orders@zmmi.net

Chako is a social, creative enterprise based in Zanzibar that creates quality, handcrafted products from upcycled waste material. Zanzibar’s tourism industry is booming, and with this comes the creation of tonnes of waste material, that usually would end up in a landfill. Chako is committed to upcycling these materials by creating unique and stylish products while saving the planet.

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